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 Grand Canyon-Day 2

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Grand Canyon-Day 2 Empty
PostSubject: Grand Canyon-Day 2   Grand Canyon-Day 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 2:00 pm

Day 2

So day two of my trip of the Grand Canyon resulted in me waking up 6 or 7 am in the morning to eat breakfast and preparing for the Kabob Trail. The breakfast at the Best Western was a free buffet like. I don't have pictures of the breakfast because all I was thinking was that I was tired and what should I eat. What I ate was ham, potatoes (especially the potatoes ^_^), and grapes. I ate alot of the potatoes which were somewhat drowned in pepper. I decided to eat alot of the potatoes because we were going hiking and I knew I was going to burn it for energy.

Kabob Trail

The Kabob Trail was a 3 mile hike. This may sound short and easy but oh no. It was easy going down hill but going uphill was like climbing up stairs. I got kinda tired (not from going downhill, I was still a bundle of energy until going uphill) from this cause me and my parents stopped and rested at Cedar peak (or was it point...) which is where you supposed to rest and then hike back up. So after we rested at Cedar point, we started hiking back up, I of course went ahead of my parents. Going up hill felt like going up stairs and never stopping. On this trail I didn't stop walking until I got to the top, I only did stop to move out of the way for people going downhill cause the road is small.

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1610

Yeah pretty much this picture shows that I am starting to hike on the Kabob Trail.

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1611

I took this pictures from a higher point to show the zig zag of the first part of hiking. Which was fun to kinda run down as long as you were giving room for the other hikers.

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1612

Later on it doesn't become a zig zag! But becomes a little straight! Though of course this doesn't deter me a bit of going ahead of my parents.

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1613

Now you can see the progress of how much we hiked on the zig zag path. Keep in mind that I had to walk up that whole thing. (Uphill is a pain!)

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1614

This is just pretty much showing the bottom of when we were hiking down and along the side of the mountain. I forgot to take a picture of Cedar Point though.....

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1615

See what I had to hike/climb up! That whole trail was sooo steep. I am glad I have the endurance and mentality to keep going the 3 miles going uphile without stopping.

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1616

A picture I think I took when I was at Cedar point. The cloud us where we were at and you can see that the sun was coming though.

So yeah hiking back up the trail was a somewhat a pain but fun. I reached the top before my parents and I didn't know when they would arrive sooo I read a book lol. I think it was 10 or 15 min later when my parents arrived where I was. So of course I was hungry and my mom asked me what I feel like eating. I said, "Mom, I want real food not snacks but realy food. I want...Meat!". So this time we ate at Canyon Cafe which was at another lounge. I didn't get to take pictures because I was so hungry. I ate a Chili hamburger but my first thought was a green chile hamburger. I'm used to seeing green chile hamburger in NM so I assumed, in which I was wrong.

So I will end this with a picture in which I was tired and when I first read it, I was like wtf. Cause my first thought was something else.....

Grand Canyon-Day 2 Sam_1521

(Sorry its a little blurry and I will post the third and final day of my Grand Canyon trip probably tonight. I will also put more detail on my overall trip on the third day topic or just another topic.)
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Grand Canyon-Day 2
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