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 Grand Canyon-Day 1

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PostSubject: Grand Canyon-Day 1   Grand Canyon-Day 1 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 1:15 pm

(Note: I will post some pictures here with some detail of what I did in the Grand Canyon. I will also make another topic with just showing pictures). So as promised, I took pictures of the Grand Canyon and I hope you enjoy reading and looking. Also I'm not the best photographer so bear my pictures if they look bad lol.

Day 1

The drive from NM to AZ was about 5 to 6 hrs, though every roadtrip I sleep (lol). The drive wasn't too bad because to me the drive to CA is more longer.

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1510

So as we we're waiting for the shuttle bus, we of course visited the Visiting Center I believe. I was still kinda groggy after waking up in the car, but I took that picture thats says 'You are Here'.

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1511

Yeah thats the first shuttle bus we rode that day. The Blue Route shuttle buses usually lead to the lodges and marketplaces. I did not take other picutures of the other signs of the buses cause I was either tired or talking with my mom. Or that I'm watching my dad to make sure he doesn't take random photos of me :p

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1512

The above picture was taken when I was along the rim of the Grand Canyon. You can get a nice view along the rims. This was taken near the Bright Angel Lodge, though me and my parents aren't staying there. We stayed at the Best Western Hotel. (I will include other Grand Canyon photos on another topic)

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1513

So yeah thats where we viewed the rim of the Grand Canyon and its the place where we first ate. Smile

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1514

And thats what the menu looks like. I took the picture sandways with my camera.

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1515

Thats the food I ordered, the Packer's Stew one. The food was just as the description read. The stew was inside a good sized round bread (I guess...) and there were four pieces of bread on the side. It taste really good if you put the crackers inside that are provided.

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1516

So after a bit of taken pictures along the rim near the Bright Angel Hotel, we decided to check in in our Hotel which was the Best Western Hotel. This is what the room looks like. (I slept in the bed closer to the window, though I somewhat regret it cause when I turned on the air con, it would blow cold air on me :p and I didn't know the bedsheets were somewhat thin. Luckly I did not get sick.)

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1517

After dropping off our stuff, we would ride the bus to a place called El Tuvor. My mom made reservations in the restaurant and we had to be there by 5 pm (we were kinda late cause I remember when we arrived there, the clock said 5:11). Though before we went into the restaurant, we got to see.....DEER!!! So of course I had to take pictures. (There will be a topic where I show the pictures of the animals I've taken)

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1518

After taking pictures of the deer, we went to the restaurant. And because I didn't take a picture of the menu, I took a picture of the plate instead. The restaurant gave off a fancy atomsphere I guess and our waiter was nice.

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1519

This is the picture of the food or soup I was eating. I think it was called French Onion Gratinee. Funny thing is that during the whole trip, I was in a soup mood most of the time. To me this is slightly unusally because on any trip I eat hamburgers.

So after that we went back to our hotel and just rested. Tomorrow or the second day me and my parents would go hiking on the Kabob Trail. And with that I will end it with something that you shouldn't leave behind on the grounds of the Grand Canyon by showing this picture (even though its sideways).

Grand Canyon-Day 1 Sam_1520
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Grand Canyon-Day 1
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