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 Candy Cane fight

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Candy Cane fight Empty
PostSubject: Candy Cane fight   Candy Cane fight I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 25, 2011 5:49 pm

On Jan. 30th (Sunday) Were going to have an alliance-wide Candy Cane fight, it will be right after our lottery rolloing at noon central time. And since its right in our GH, we dont have to move after rolling.

The rules are simple :
>Only CANDY CANE weapons are allowed. (some people may have extras for you to borrow.)
>Due to the armor differences in professions, and the ability to stack them up with runes, No armor will be allowed. (Not even head piece)
>Theres no skills, spells, atacks ect allowed. (skill bar MUST be empty before joining)
>players will be split into teams, then once in the scrimmage, you are to stay on the ice. You try to atack each other until the other team is entirely dead. (once dead, your not allowed to return to the ice (or fight)

After the first fight, the winning team goes into a tournement until there is only one winner. as of now, there are no prizes. Donations are appreciated. Very Happy

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Candy Cane fight
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