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 Post your Characters from GW

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Post your Characters from GW Empty
PostSubject: Post your Characters from GW   Post your Characters from GW I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 24, 2011 4:35 pm

Here you can (If you want), post your characters. I have 10 characters and have all the classes.
The names of my 10 characters are:

1) Rozen Wisteria-Elementalist
2) Rozalice Angyo- Assassin
3) Yurara Arcueid- Ritualist
4) Yusurugi Kyuubi- Monk
5) Nagisa Rozenkristal-Dervish
6) Kira Genbu Seraphim- Paragon
7) Zantetsuken Uranai- Warrior
8 ) Sora Wind Rider- Ranger
9) Ai Adivuarat Kurai-Mesmer
10) Nanaya Silver Star- Necromancer

Those are my characters and their names. Also my very first character to create was my Assassin though I use my ele most of the time. Btw can post why you named your characters that way if you want.
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Post your Characters from GW
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